Fidelity PAC Metals is now stocking a full range of flanges produced by Bebitz Flanges

Len Scott, Purchasing Manager of PVF Products for Fidelity PAC Metals, is pleased to announce that the company is now stocking a full range of flanges produced by

“Bebitz Flanges”.

Mr. Scott says, “Many of our distributors encouraged us to expand our inventory to include flanges produced in multiple countries, and that is what we have done”.

Len Scott continues, “The addition of Bebitz flanges is consistent with our direction to provide multiple options to our Distributors, as it relates to country-of-origin. We have been working on this for some time now, and the addition of Bebitz clearly rounds-out our offering. We now stock multi-country options in high pressure fittings, seamless pipe and flanges, with butt weld fittings to be added soon.”

Bebitz is an internationally accepted producer of high-quality flanges, including: Weld Neck, Lap Joint, Slip-On, Socket Weld, Blind, and more.

Fidelity PAC Metals Ltd, is a stocking Master Distributor, with inventory in 3 separate locations:

Vancouver – Toronto – Montreal (October 01, 2018).

Fidelity PAC Metals sell exclusively to Distributors –

“Always a Supplier, Never a Competitor”.

Source: Fidelity PAC Metals Ltd – CANADA

2018 September 04