Fidelity PAC Metals Covid-19 Program

Objective:  To do our best in preventing the spread of COVID-19 within the workplace, and to help protect our Employees, Customers and Visitors. 

Fidelity PAC Metals Ltd has implemented the following precautionary measures:

1. Education:  Our Team has been provided detailed information with respect to hand washing, social distancing within the workplace, covering mouths when coughing, and so on.

2. Information Technology:

a) All Employees who can work remotely have been set-up with VPN access and laptops if required.

b) The telephone call-forwarding functionality has been tested and confirmed to be properly functioning, for each office employee.

3. Segregation:

a) Office staff have been 100% segregated from warehouse staff, which includes having no shared-areas whatsoever (separate entrance ways, washrooms, and lunch rooms).

b) 2 of our warehouse members have been moved to the office where they will remain separated from the other warehouse members. Note: should any of the other warehouse staff contract the virus, the 2 separated warehouse members will be ready to move into the warehouse.

4. Truck Drivers and Service-Providers – PPE:

a) All Visitors such as Truck Drivers and Service-Providers (such as delivery people for office supplies, uniforms, etc.) will be provided their own separate entrance of which is completely separate from the entrances being utilized by our office staff, and separately by our warehouse staff.

b) Visitors will be required to wear a mask and disposable gloves (provided by FidelityPAC).

c) Office Cleaners will utilize the office entry, and will wear masks and gloves while in our office. They will not enter the warehouse (warehouse cleaning will be done by the warehouse staff).

5. Office Visitors:  We have suspended all visitors to our office, except as noted in 4 (c).

6. Travel:

a) Our employees have been suspended from air travel. Exceptions, if deemed necessary must be approved by the President of Fidelity PAC Metals.

b) Our employees have been suspended from visiting Customer offices and warehouses.

c) Our employees have been suspended from attending trade exhibitions and conferences.

d) Visitors from other countries will not be accepted into our offices and warehouses.

7. Handling of paperwork:

a) Warehouse staff will handle paperwork wearing gloves.

b) Truck Drivers will wear masks and gloves when signing paperwork.

c) Truck Drivers will utilize their own pen, (or Fidelity PAC Metals will provide a pen for single-use), to sign paperwork.

d) Paperwork, once signed, will be placed in a tray, located in a designated area which is located between the segregated areas of the office & warehouse.

e) The Administration Team will collect the paperwork from the tray, wearing gloves.

f) Processing of the paperwork will be completed wearing gloves.

g) Filing of the paperwork will be completed wearing gloves.

Note: The only point in which the office and warehouse have a slight “sharing” of segregated space is the designated “transfer point” of the paperwork, hence the strictness and specifics of Section 7.

8. Cleanliness:  Twice daily, the following will be cleaned (sanitized):

a) All inside and outside door handles

b) All telephones

c) All light switches

d) Washrooms (All taps and toilet handles)

e) Kitchen (taps, microwave, fridge door, cupboard door handles, toaster oven, Keurig machine)

f) All table and counter tops

g) All handheld bar-code scanners

Fidelity PAC Metals Ltd, Milton, Ontario, Canada L9T 5H3   Tel: 289-851-1076