Fidelity PAC Metals expands saw-cutting capability.

Milton (Toronto), Ontario – September 08, 2021:

Fidelity PAC Metals is pleased to announce that it has added a new KASTOwin A 4.6 bandsaw.

In so doing, FidelityPAC is able to offer saw-cutting quicker and offer an expanded cutting-range to 18” diameter.

Overall, Fidelity PAC Metals offers saw-cutting as follows:

• Round Bar – Cutting is available in diameters of 6.250”s thru 18.0” dia.
• Welded & Seamless Pipe – Cutting is available in diameters thru 24.0”.

Fidelity PAC Metals is a stocking Master Distributor of various stainless products such as Long Products, PVF, Sheet & Plate, as well as Aluminum Extrusions.

FidelityPAC has inventory in 3 separate locations: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Fidelity sells exclusively to Distributors.

“Always a Supplier, Never a Competitor” ®